wish for bones
if im 140lbs and really commit to trying to loose weight over the next month, will being ana help? sorry if this makes no sense

Yes Ana will help but start off slow

Oh my GOD, you're gorgeous. I wish I were as thin as you -___- I keep gaining. Well... I guess there's nothing I can do but to start over. Okay BYE.

Our failures are proof we’re trying, pick yourself back up and work a bit harder <3 if I can do this you can do this

WIll drinking alcohol ruin my fast?

I don’t think it will ruin it as long as you drink the right thing like vodka.. no beers or mix drinks and no overly sweet liquors

you're 86lbs? You are tiny! ._.

It my seem that way but in only 4’11 so its not that small I want to be 75lbs

how tall are you?

Well I thought I was 5’00 but I went to the doctor the other day and I’m only 4’11

last night

Last night I did some stupid stuff even in my book but I don’t regret any of it I feel freer now than I ever have

i think im done

i dont find the web very useful anymore in constantly going back in-forth between hating everything and loving it im tired and confused i get treated like shit all i want is to be left alone

hey girl, i was just wondering whats a good goal for a girl whose almost 5'11? im aiming around 130. is that too little?

i dont think its to low a lot of people say my goal is unhealthy but its what ever you feel most comfortable at 

Do you think Ana is a lifestyle choice or a disease ?

it matter if you let it control you


Never enough I don’t think I could ever be skinny enough I deal with all talks shit all day and the only thing that makes me smile is to count my ribs as you talk down to me oh I’m a bitch and a whore yea right your just an ass and I can’t help but like you and this makes me panic it makes me want to hide away from the world and bask in its glory all at once I feel strong and small in your arms when you leave I think of nothing else but how to prefect myself to make you want to come back to make all of y’all take a second notice of what’s before you and when I denied myself my basic needs in front of you its all I can do but laugh as you say I’m dumb that I can’t possible not want this but can’t you see what I’m striving to achieve what I need to be free enough to love anyone fully